Led by Malaysiakini’s top practitioners and award-winning media personnel, our highly-interactive media and journalism workshops are designed to enhance your writing and production skills while providing structure and understanding of the rapidly evolving digital media landscape.

Whether you are a fresh graduate looking into journalism as a career, a media enthusiast who wants to gain a critical understanding of current affairs, a media practitioner who wants to enhance your digital media skills, or a PR/marketer who wants to align your organisation’s digital content strategy, our masterclass workshops will get you in gear as you will not only learn from the best of our team, but also work closely with our industry partners to gain practical experience.

Social Media Marketing

Media Relations: Towards Better Press Coverage

Crisis Communications: Strategies for Reputation Management and Recovery

Opinion Writing and Media Commentary

Gathering and Writing the News for Today’s Media

Media Coverage: Gender, Race and Stereotyping

Instrumentation & Control System (Level 1)

The Future of Media: Getting It Right Today

Mobile Journalism and Visual Culture

Malaysian Politics, Governance and Civil Society

Malaysian Judiciary and Court Reporting

Kini Holiday Camp

Public Affairs and Elections Reporting

News, Numbers, and Visuals in a Data Driven World

Social Media Storytelling

Digital Storytelling on Multimedia Platforms

Media Law, Ethics and Freedom of Expression