What Is This About?

Kiniacademy is conducting a 3-month training and mentorship program on investigative journalism for 20 aspiring investigative writers. Participants will undergo 5 workshop modules and a mentorship program by a host of experienced local and international journalists, editors, coaches and speakers. All participants will work in teams to produce special investigate reports that will be published in the media. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

This is a fully-funded program by Kiniacademy!

Who Should Apply? 

Malaysian journalists (freelancers, retrenched, currently employed), activists, civil society actors, and media students who are keen to pursue investigative reporting.

What Are The Objectives? 

  • To increase investigative journalism efforts in Malaysia
  • To present information persuasively and objectively for targeted audiences
  • To build an infographic toolkit for the investigative story
  • To collaborate on investigative journalism reporting in Malaysia
  • To produce hard-hitting investigative journalism pieces that will be published in popular media outlets

Who Are The Trainers?

Ajinder Kaur - Trainer, Kiniacademy

Zan Azlee - Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker, Writer

R. Nadeswaran - Columnist, Malaysiakini

Aidan Ormond - Content Producer and Editor

Edward Gomez - Journalist, Educator and Media Consultant

Azlan Zamhari - Graphic Editor, Malaysiakini

Further Details

For more information regarding this course, you can download our brochure

How To Register? 

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