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It goes without saying that language and communication are among the most essential skills for journalists in gathering and delivering information across platforms.

Successful communication depends not only on what is said, but also how it is said. The ability to convey your message concisely and assertively while also listening to others can have a tremendous influence on how your story could develop.

While good interviewing skills will get people — be it the tight-lipped, jargon-spouting experts, or even everyday folks who aren’t accustomed to being interviewed — to give you worthy stories, the best journalists are also those who use their strengths of empathy and some understanding of the plight of those impacted to channel their raw emotions through and open up.

At the same time, text remains a powerful medium to convey messages that can’t always be told visually. If content is not written well, in a clear and coherent manner, people are not going to read it either.

Therefore, this course is intended as a practical introduction to using English for professional purposes in journalism. From using the right punctuation to avoid ambiguity, to grammar and style rules for clarity, as well as, honing your interpersonal communication and interviewing skills, you will leave this course with a solid foundation in news gathering and writing. And the best part, you will also be exposed to a real-life press conference to interview and write about a local personality on one of the training days!

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Communicate clearly and effectively in the working environment – whether it’s with your colleagues, editors, or sources
  • Conduct interviews successfully
  • Use empathy as a conduit of connectedness to tell a story as it deserves to be told
  • Understand the workings and culture of the English language media
  • Master the use of punctuation and grammar in a journalistic context
  • Construct sentences concisely and write with clarity

This course is for you if

  • You’re a journalist who wants to attain the required standard of proficiency in the English language as your working language
  • You are a school leaver who wants to improve your technique of expression in English and pursue a career in writing

What you will learn

  • Interpersonal Communication at the Workplace
  • Keeping Up with Contacts and Maintaining Relationships
  • All About Interviewing: Preparation, Performance, Content, Dynamics, Challenges
  • Empathy and Intuition for Soulful Storytelling
  • Getting Text Right: Grammar, Punctuation and Verbosity

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