Citizenship Studies

What Is This About?

Kiniacademy aims to educate students on their role as Malaysian citizens and to equip them with the necessary information and skills to participate as citizens. This includes a comprehensive set of knowledge regarding voting and election processes, how the federal system works in Malaysia and the objectives of the Rukun Negara.

The Citizenship Studies program will further navigate students on the concept of voting and the importance of their role as the younger voices. 

Through the recent constitutional amendment on making the official minimum voting age to 18, the younger generation has a bigger responsibility towards the future of the country.  They are the new and fresh voices in the process of nation-building and advocates for change. Hence, this program will enhance their awareness of their role towards a more progressive country. 

How Long Is It?

This is a twelve (12) sessions intensive workshop, 2 hours per session. 

Who Is It For?

Young pupils from secondary schools (especially those aged 15 to 17 years old) are highly encouraged to join this course in order to increase political literacy.

What Will I Learn?

    • Better understand the roles you play as young citizens of the nation
    • Education on the government structure, elections and voting systems
    • Self- awareness that age is not a barrier in understanding the political scene in Malaysia
    • To become more responsible voters

What’s The Plan?

Unit 1 : Malaysia as a Sovereign State

  • What Is Malaysia? Malaysia As A  Sovereign Democratic State
  • Rukun Negara
  • The Malaysian Constitution
  • Who Runs The Country? Government And Administration
  • On Your Marks, Get Set, Vote: The Electoral Process

Unit 2 : Domestic and International Issues

  • Challenging Times: Domestic Issues In Malaysia
  • Overseas Connections: Malaysia And The Wider World


Unit 3 : Media Literacy, Speech and Expression

  • True Or False? Fake News, Misinformation, And Media Bias
  • Opinions Matter: Having A Stand On National Issues
  • Debate And Discussion: How To Defend Your Arguments
  • Lend Me Your Ears: Getting Your Point Across
  • Getting Involved: Civic Engagement And Advocacy

Who Are My Facilitators?

You will be trained and mentored by Malaysiakini’s finest trainers, award-winning journalists and editors, as well as, diversely experienced management teams.

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