Daniel Anthony

Daniel Jeyachristi Anthony is a journalist and newscaster who began his career with KiniTV as an intern in 2013. His reluctance to grow up and sense of humour breathed laughter into the otherwise dry and stagnant news from the Malaysian political scene. Being politically aware from a young age, Daniel is a sparkling mix of conspiracy theorist and peacemaker who tries his best to connect the dots, even when there doesn’t seem to be any. While fluent in English, Daniel communicates easily in Mandarin and also Bahasa Malaysia. Starting his journey as a video editor, he found a place in the newsroom digging beneath the surface of what seems like a simple story. He works closely with the KiniTV Head of Content and experienced journalist Tham Seen Hau to manage the intricate ways of putting together what looks like arbitrary data such as electoral voter patterns, suspicious cash flow and fallacies of finance to see the bigger picture.