Ajinder Kaur

Ajinder’s colorful background is combined with a solid experience of almost two decades in education, adult training, administration, customer relations, and journalism.

She was one of the three pioneer journalists who started off with malaysiakini.com on its day of inception in 1999. During her stint then, she covered some of the country’s most high profile court trials and human rights issues. She also braved the tear-gassed streets during the reformasi movement for the best stories. Her articles have been picked up and translated into various languages by international organizations such as the United Nations and the South East Asia Press Alliance.

When the “heat got too much to handle”, she moved on to a “safer” career in the academia. She became a Lecturer teaching human communication, public relations and journalism at HELP University and was subsequently appointed as the Head of its Faculty of Communications.

Known for communicating with zest and energy that is highly contagious, Ajinder is now back at malaysiakini.com to drive forward the School of Media Studies @kiniacademy through the development of practical and industry-relevant courses. 

Ajinder graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree majoring in English Language and Computer Science from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 1999. Driven by her passion for language learning and workplace communication, she also holds a Masters in Corporate Communications and is currently pursuing her MBA with the Swiss Management University, Switzerland. She is also a PSMB/HRDF certified trainer.